Kenya Safaris

Kenya is located in East Africa is one of the world’s leading safari travel destinations its great scenery best country in the world to see the Big 5 animals, magnificent wildlife and pleasant year round climate. Kenya’s capital is Nairobi and its other main towns are Nakuru, Kisumu and the port city of Mombasa. Kenya has dozens of cultures, tribes and sub-tribes. It is also well known for its fusion of wildlife, its range of topography and its extremes of climate.
The Kenyan climate is subtropical. Rainfall is very low normally there are long rains in April and May and shorter rains in November and December but this pattern changes as well. The dry season is great for wildlife viewing and safari in Kenya for months of June to October and January to March. Kenya also boosts superb foot-print free beaches and warm tropical waters thus offering a complete safari vacation experience for a tourist visiting Kenya. A Kenya Safari is a truly African experience combining the animals in the plains such as the Masai Mara, the beaches of Mombasa or Malindi and the Rift Valley. Kenya also has beautiful unspoilt beaches, thriving coral reefs with their glorious colours, memorable mountain vistas and ancient Swahili cities.

Kenya has 54 national parks and reserves together with private conservancies and sanctuaries, covering over 10 per cent of the land area as well as seven marine national parks and reserves. Along the Kenya coastline of more than 500km, with palm trees, blue seas and resorts, the people are extremely friendly, welcoming and their hospitality can sometimes be overwhelming. Their culture and traditions date back for centuries and with up to 70 different tribal communities you will find plenty to encounter and learn about. Contact us here to book for you a Safari Trip to Kenya

Popular Kenya Big Five Safaris