Car hire in Uganda

Are you planning a self-drive holiday in Uganda, Eco Adventure Safaris has a fleet of cars from where to choose from ranging from land cruisers, Toyota Rav4s, Buses and coats ready for you to hire. For rough terrains, like in National Parks, we recommend Customized 4x4 Land Cruisers. Vehicles designed with safety, comfort and convenience in mind while on road

At Eco Adventure Safaris we focus on ensuring safe, comfortable and enjoyable travel of our clients to, within and from all tourism spots in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo. To ensure ease of travel, all our safari vehicles are all in 2013-2017 models mostly Land cruisers fit to maximize your safety despite Africa’s bumpy roads.

Safety on the road To ensure your safety, all our safari vehicles are equipped with seat belts for all children and adults on board, fire extinguishers, comprehensive first aid kits, charging area, 2 way radios and cell phones to keep communications with your people. Fridges serve you with fresh and cold drinks, snacks and foods throughout your journeys.

Mechanically Superior Vehicles For all days on your safari, you are assured of no car breakdown, if this happens we always have rescue cars available. Our mechanical team checks all safari vehicles from bonnet to boot, tire to roof top which keep them in mechanical good conditions throughout. Rescue vehicles and mechanics are also available 24 hours in case of any emergency.

Game Viewing and Photography All vehicles are custom designed with pop-up roofs which ease your game viewing experience. The open roofs help you to see animals from a far distance as well as good photography.

Designed for Comfort and Convenience All of our safari cruisers or safari Land rovers either have 5 seat or 7 seat configurations with enough leg rooms to cater for the single enthusiast right through to large family / travel groups. Everybody has access to the window for photographs and fresh air during the safari. Choose a Vehicle of your Choice based on your budget and interest Land cruiser - $250 per day. Toyota Rav4 - $90 per day Buses - $120 per day Coasters - $100 per day