Volcano Climbing in Rwanda

Volcano Climbing in Rwanda is one of the best experiences to do on your visit to Rwanda, for those interested in Mountaineering, You will enjoy this in volcanoes national Park, you can opt to climb Mountain Bisoke, Mountain, Muhavura, or mountain Sabinyo. They are all volcanic mountains with unique vegetation species, wildlife, and paranomic views of the neighboring countries. Volcanic hiking is one of the most adventurous activities for those interested in Mountain Climbing in Rwanda.

Rwanda also known as home to one thousand hills has a lot of places where you can do Participate in Rock hiking, Hiking hills and Mountain hiking. It is safe and enjoyable and all these places have a rich history to diversify your knowledge in Rwanda.

Volcanoes National Park is one of the most beautiful hiking places in Rwanda where you can climb Mountain Bisoke, Muhavura and Sabinyo which are among the six Virunga mountain chain of Rwanda, D R Congo and Uganda famous for Mountain Hiking and Gorilla trekking.

How much does it cost to Hike Mountain Bisoke, Muhavura and Sabinyo in Rwanda.

Volcano Climbing in Rwanda all depends on which volcano you are planning to hike, the number of days and your budget, we are able to tailor you a package to have an incredible hiking experience to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

We do offer all-inclusive packages having transport, accommodation, entrance fees, hiking fees and all services for your hiking safaris to any the mountains. The hiking fees for Mountain Muhabura, Sabinyo and Bisoke is USD 80 per person Foreign Non-residents and USD70 for Foreign Residents.

You will also be required to pay Park entrance fees for Volcanoes national park of USD40 for foreign non-residents and USD30 for foreign residents. The Volcano mountain climbing and park entrance fees are charged per day per person and payment is done to Rwanda Development Board which is the managing body.

Why book with Eco Adventure Safaris your Volcano Climbing in Rwanda

Eco Adventure Safaris offers Volcano Climbing in Rwanda to all volcanies in Rwanda, which include Mount Bisoke, Sabyinyo and Karismbi.  Contact us here for our discounted Rwanda packages and also tailor-made gorilla trips, birding, cultural experiences and golden monkey tracking, gorilla trekking, Wildlife viewing among others.

Our magic in organizing authentic experience stems from the fact that we have overtime assembled a team mixed with young and energetic staff guided by well-experienced Team and passionate about what they do. Eco Adventure Safaris is highly rated and reviewed on trip Advisor and safari bookings to help you learn on the experiences of the other travelers who have traveled with us to Rwanda. Please contact us here