Tracking Black Rhino in Samburu

Tracking Black Rhinos in Samburu on foot is one of the best experiences in Kenya, is delighted to be able to offer our guests a scintillating, ‘thrill-of-a-lifetime’ experience: a walking safari tracking black rhino on foot, accompanied by an expert guide and a highly-trained Sera Community Conservancy ranger leading you in safety to the locations of some of the 18 rhinos throughout the 54,000 hectares-large sanctuary.

The vast rhino sanctuary has been fenced in what is one of the most advanced conservation projects in Kenya. Our expert Samburu guides game drive you a tracking distance away from the nearest rhino, leaving the vehicle and continuing on foot to meters from the grazing rhino. The tension is palpable as you come across the rhino in such close proximity for the first time; heart beating, pulse racing, curiosity and excitement mounting.

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