East Mark Hotel is a budget hotel with the basic and standard amenities located in the heart of Nakuru. I would recommend this accommodation if you a travelling on a budget. Not forgetting its great restaurant serving continental and intercontinental meals with great Kenyan service. It also follows the ministry Of Health Guidelines regarding Covid 19 like sanitizing, washing hands, wearing masks and more.

Nakuru is the capital city of Nakuru County. It is actually the fourth largest urban area in Kenya.It is boarded by the Lake Nakuru National Park that boasts of Rhinos ,Lions ,giraffes ,Leopards Zebras, Wild beasts ,buffalos, cheetahs and a large herd of lions. Lake Nakuru itself is an algae filled soda lake that attracts Flamingos plus it is a haven for bird watchers as it has very many bird species. This park is found just 20 minutes from the town.Nakuru has all necessary banking services, hospitals in case of an emergency .


East Mark Hotel  can accommodate about 20 guests  and it has  is self-contained rooms, a lounge .The rooms are wonderfully furnished with an African Taste. Their en suite bathrooms have hot water, air conditioned and very spacious, Depending on the activities you have that day.The hotel has double rooms with king sized beds that can accommodate 2 people ,twin rooms with two small beds, a single room with 1 single bed , family room that can accommodate up to 4 people.

How to access East Mark Hotel Nakuru

The Lodge is  about  11.9 kms from its nearest Airport Eldoret international Airport.. It can be accessed by road.


Free Wi-Fi internet

Fully stocked bar

The restaurant that serves both local and intercontinental cuisine

Things to do when staying at East Mark Hotel

Visit Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park boasts of various wildlife and a haven for bird watchers .It surrounds Lake Nakuru located on the southern part of the rift valley. It was originally protected as a bird sanctuary and has about 400 bird species not forgetting, It is  a home to the rare black  rhinoceros, lions, Buffalos ,Zebras, Impalas and leopards.You can enjoy all this by going for a game drive in the morning and evening.

Enjoy a boat cruise on Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru is a soda filled lake that has algae that attracts flamingoes that feed on It.This Lake attracts over half of the world’s flamingo population. It also attracts several other bird species like the king fishers, shoebills and so much more.You can enjoy all this by going for a boat cruise.

Visit the Hyrax Hill Pre hirostric Museum

This Museum was pro claimed as a national Monument in 1965.It became famous for the archaeological excavations that were carried out by Dr, Mary Leakey. Visiting this museum will give you a chance to  explore and learn about how people lived in the old stone age and so much more.

Visit the Menengai Crater

This is a large volcano and it is the second largest in Africa. This volcano was formed 20000 years ago and its continued activity is now utilized  to generate geo thermal energy.

Visit the Lord Egerton Castle

Visit Lake Elementaita

Situated between Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha, This lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Kenya. It boasts of Flamingoes that flood the shores giving you a spectular view.

Visit the Mogotio Equator Curio center

You can enjoy photography at the equator  and enjoy the simple experiements done there.The place aslo has art craft shops where you can buy  soveiniours.

Visit the Soyasumbhu conservancy

This conservancy is blessed with Flora and Fauna. You can also watch the pink Flamingoes .It also has different animal species like girrafes.

Enjoy the Night Life

You can enjoy the night life by visiting the bars to dance the night away as you enjoy drinks with friends.

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