As Eco Adventure Safaris we focus on the following Covid-19 Travel Guidelines on preparedness and response for the Covid-19 outbreak during our operations
in order to ensure the health and safety of all our staff members and clients.

Tour booking
A prior booking of the tour package will be done online via our email and website contacts, we do have various packages for you to choose from for your travel to Uganda and these can as well be tailored to your interests. Covid-19 Travel Guidelines

Visa process

We do recommend our clients to book that is applied and make payment of their visas online to avoid joining queues at the Airport on arrival for visa processing; this will help avoid contacts with other people and delays at the airport

Airport arrival place Covid-19 Travel Guidelines

  • Disinfection procedures to be in place for body, luggage and travel documents
  • The tourists’ first entry place should have processes in place to check temperature and look out for guests with respiratory symptoms such as cough or runny nose or shortness of breath upon arrival.
  • PCR Test or Rapid test to be done on arrival at the Airport.
  • The tourists/passengers/airport staff to maintain a minimum distance of one meter at all times.
  • The tourists/passengers/airport staff to wear face masks and use hand sanitizer frequently at the airport.

Immigration counter Covid-19 Travel Guidelines

  • Collecting the pre-check medical report, tourists’ personal details and travel/stay details.
  • Visa details with last country visit or from where he/she is coming.
  • Online registration of visitors on Sri Lanka Tourism Travel website

Luggage collection

Disinfection Covid-19 Travel Guidelines procedures

  • To make sure the safe distance of a minimum one meter in the collection point and the safe communication
  • Keep an alcohol rub/hand sanitizer to use as frequently as possible or alternatively wear gloves to collect and handle the luggage (Gloves should never be re-used and must be disposed into a closed bin (foot operated) when the duty shift is over).
  • The trolleys should be disinfected when used by one customer. It is recommended to keep disinfected trolleys and used trolleys separately with notices for users.

Common facilities used by tourists (washrooms, waiting lobby etc.)

  • Make sure the safe distance of minimum one meter and safe communication in the common areas.
  • In the washrooms disinfect frequently touched areas such as water taps, door/towel cistern handles, and seats and cover flaps, wash basins, door knobs, buttons and switches using standard quality material.
  • Provide adequate supply of toilet paper, paper towels (if provided) or hand dryers and liquid soap at all times.

Duty free shops

  • Ensure at least one-meter spacing between customers at all times and limit the number of customers within the store to allow the one-meter spacing.
  • Encourage the use of self-checkouts, cashless or contactless payments to speed up the payment process and reduce cash-handling.
  • Sanitize your hands when you enter the store, ideally with your own sanitizer or, if available at the store. Avoid contact with surfaces as much as possible.
  • If using a basket or trolley to shop, sanitize its handle. It is not recommended that you wear disposable gloves as they can give you a false sense of security and your hands can get contaminated when you take them off.

Information and Travel counters (For general travel information)/Banks

  • Ensure the all visitors/staff wear face masks in the correct methods.
  • Explain about the basic safety measures during stay and tour.
  • Provide the government approved operational guidelines of tourism.
  • The bank staff must encourage customers to do on-line payments and card payments minimizing cash handling. Reliable information should be made available about such payment methods at the counters.

Tourism police Covid-19 Travel Guidelines

  • Check the tourists’ personal safety equipment (face masks, gloves, sanitizer etc.)
  • Check with the tourist about their travel plan and transportation arrangements
  • If the tourist is cleared he/she will be sent to the designated transport pick up area, where he/she will be transported to the designated hotel.
  • To ensure hugging and handshaking is not done and non-touch greetings are adopted

Airport transfers

  • Our service motor cars should carry maximum of 2 passengers and group transport to keep a safe distance of at least one meter between seated passengers.
  • All our drivers will Keep an alcohol rub/hand sanitizer, wear the safety mask and use gloves is compulsory while traveling.
  • Communication – Maintain safe distancing during communication

Tourist buses for tour groups

  • Driver, conductor/helper staff and all the tourists should wear face masks and gloves.
  • The Bus driver, conductor/helper staff should always carry their PCR tested reports.
  • Vehicles will be cleaned and disinfected (the seats, all handles, Interior door panel, windows, locks, exterior door handles, poles, etc.) before transport of passengers to prevent possible cross contamination.
  • Seating management – To ensure a safe distance of at least one meter between seated passengers
  • Communication – To ensure the safe distancing at all times during journey and communication
  • The driver will have to provide adequate time to get in to the vehicle and get down from it in order to practice non touch technique inside the vehicle/during the travel.
  • One identified door will be used for loading tourists.
  • Health promotional messages and recommended behavior will be transmitted through the public address system/printed and pasted notices inside the vehicle at appropriate times.

General Disinfection

Prior to reopening, we recommend that a general disinfection procedure is done by housekeeping with special consideration given to the application of cleaning and sanitation measures in all areas. Covid-19 Travel Guidelines

Frequent disinfection of building entrances, public areas, rooms, back of house areas, vehicles and special attention is given to high touch areas.

Staff Health

  • Provide information and practices that are in place to prevent the spread of COVID -19.
  • Conduct Covid-19 tests on all staff members. We recommend that staff are tested within our facilities by MOH teams.
  • Scanning of temperature to be conducted on staff at the beginning of every shift.
  • Staff transport (buses) to be disinfected daily.
  • Social distancing to be practiced by all staff.
  • Staff members to wash hands and apply alcohol-based sanitizers upon arrival.
  • Frequent hand washing and sanitization to be observed during shift.
  • Staff facilities (changing rooms and cafeteria to be cleaned and sanitized twice daily.
  • Use of technology, staff to have a mobile app on their phones to monitor Covid-19.
  • Staff members to report respiratory illness to the employer and do not come to work for at least 10 days following the onset of cough, fever, fatigue, sore throat, runny nose, difficulty breathing and/or shortness of breath. Contact 719 if requiring further health advice.

Guest Health

  • Guests arriving from outside Uganda to be tested 14 days before their departure and obtain a Covid-19 negative certificate. This changes all time
  • Temperature screening to be conducted on all guests at the main entrance.
  • Guests to wash their hands and use alcohol-based sanitizers upon arrival at the hotel.
  • Hotel to provide wash-up facilities and hand sanitizers.
  • All guests required to wear face masks when in public areas of the hotel.
  • Suitcases to be disinfected before delivery to guest rooms.
  • Guests to install Covid-19 App on their mobile phones.

Preventive Measures

  • Conduct training on Covid-19 hygiene protocols for all staff members.
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces such as door handles, tables, elevator buttons, switches, public equipment, tools, cutlery and crockery, pots and pans.
  • Avoid contact with others e.g. handshakes, touching, kissing, hugging and other intimate contacts

Front Desk

  • All front office staff wear face masks.
  • Concierge team offer hand sanitizers for guests upon arrival
  • All arrivals are screened to identify with symptoms of COVID -19 and their body temperature is taken upon check-in.
  • Obtain guest information in advance to limit time spent at the Front Desk.
  • Front Office Manager refers all sick guests or suspected cases to proceed to the hospital for medical check-up.
  • Disinfect the hotel lobby regularly (at least twice a day).

House Keeping

  • Carts, trolleys and equipment to be disinfected at the start and end of every shift.
  • Cleaning plan is followed for guest rooms by focusing on high touch areas which are used by in-house guests.
  • Minimize contact with guests.
  • When guests are in the room, offer to return later.
  • Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting especially guest bathrooms.
  • Supply housekeeping team with sufficient disinfectants; PPE and others.
  • For soft furnishings (sofas, mattresses, etc.), other cleaning procedures may be used: steam cleaning (vaporizer)


  • Linens and clothes should be put in special, marked laundry bags and handled carefully.
  • Clean and disinfect hampers or other carts for transporting of laundry.
  • Instructions are given for washing them in hot cycles (70ºc or more) with the usual detergents.

Hotel Leisure Activities (Swimming pools, kids club, spa, gym …etc.)

  • Increased frequency of cleaning and hygiene protocols.
  • Maintain the concentration of disinfectant in water for consumption and in pools or spas within the limits recommended.
  • Provide sufficient dressing rooms, shower rooms, toilet facilities and lockers for the guests.
  • Provide adequate handwashing facilities including liquid soap, paper towels, hand dryer and hand sanitizers.
  • Regular disinfection of high touch areas such as door handles, card terminals with anti-bacterial liquids.
  • Avail hand sanitizers to all guests in public areas.


  • Set tables at 1.5 meters apart.
  • Guests to wear masks when moving from their tables to different parts of the dining area.
  • Set bar stools at 1.5 meters apart.
  • Guests not allowed to serve themselves from a buffet. Where buffets are available, service to be done by hotel chefs who will wear masks and gloves.
  • Drinks to be served on the table by waiters who will be kitted with PPE’s.
  • All guests to use hand sanitizers at the entry of dining areas and bars.
  • Dining tables and chairs to be cleaned and sanitized with before sitting new guests.
  • Waiters and service staff to wash hands and sanitize after serving each table.
  • Suppliers of goods and services Contractors follow safe systems of work to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Guest Stay Instructions letter: –

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water. It takes about 20 seconds to wash hands properly.
  • Use a tissue for coughs and sneezes. Dispose them in the room waste bin.
  • If you don’t have tissues use your sleeve.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • If you feel unwell, feverish or develop a cough, stay in your room. We will give you necessary advice. Do not go to the restaurant if unwell, food will be brought to your room.

Tour guides and Drivers Covid-19 Travel Guidelines

  • Use of Safety equipment – All our staff and tourists must wear the face masks and gloves.
  • Ensure tourists are checked for temperature and respiratory symptoms such as cough or runny nose or shortness of breath regularly during the tour.
  • All health related observations of tourists should be recorded in declaration forms.
  • Those who are unwell with temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or higher, and/or display respiratory symptoms should be directed by the organization for immediate medical attention and report such occurrences to health services.
  • Ensure the tourists strictly Comply with the operational guidelines of attractions and activity