Uganda gorilla safaris, Gorilla trekking in Uganda. Bwindi impenetrable National Park has four gorilla trekking regions namely Ruhija, Buhoma and Rushaga gorilla regions of Bwindi impenetrable National Park. Gorilla trekking means visiting the gorillas in their natural habitat in the forest, the trek in Uganda starts at 7:00am with briefing on the dos and don’ts while moving in the forest and with the gorillas. After briefing, the park guides, rangers, and trackers lead you to the forest to find the gorillas. You are allowed one hour of viewing the gorillas when found and later you return to the starting point to receive a certificate for the successful gorilla trekking in Uganda.

The gorillas are amazing to watch as they have 95% of the human DNA. Only eight visitors allowed to see gorillas per habituated family per day according to Uganda wildlife Authority policy so as to conserve the gorillas. To be allowed to do gorilla trekking, you must be aged 15 years and above as per the policy and minors are not allowed to trek since they may not easy be controlled in the forest and may easily transmit diseases to the gorillas. Uganda gorilla safaris

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